Lottie Consalvo is contemplating time. Years, nano-seconds, moments of eternity, transition, points of no return – these moments of between and becoming are explored in her current series of abstract paintings. Consalvo’s interdisciplinary practice includes performative and often quite specific autobiographical references and this collection of works represents not one, but a series of moments in time. They are observations of quietly transformative experiences – from her 12- month long durational performance, Compartmentalise in 2012, to her recent travels around Ireland with its rough hewn beauty – all stone circles and limestone – and reverence for spirits and shrines.

Shrines have long been of interest to Consalvo; places for solitude, faith, relief and reflection and in these works, she meditates on the possibilities for transformation that lie within a moment, however fleeting or protracted it might be. By abstracting these notions – by refusing the figurative form a place in her work – Consalvo instead meditates on the power of these places (be they literal, emotional or psychological) to bring about transition and change. So long as you have faith enough to let go.

Jo Higgins, 2016